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I'm not storing images on the Arduino. The CMUcam tracks pre-determined colors and sends back information such as the X and Y values of the middle of the mass.

The camera sends a stream of bits, does it have a wait and confirmin  signal per scan line ?.
So you go by camera scan line and then say do i have a red dot here ??.. i doubt that a bit.. it would be nice for you if it would but most likely it wont.
If you would like to detect the middle of a mass thats object recognition, and well most of such implementations require you to keep the whole image in memory which is to huge for the arduino.
I did object recognition in the past and soon in the near future again, but more often this requires a bit more memory.

In the case if you only like to detect if a certain object is red/green/bleu you can do so with 3 leds (in those colors) and a single LDR then swithc them on one after eachother and read out the LDR


oh sorry its a future of the CMUcam to detect color blobs, i didnt knew that.
sounds interesting dough

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