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You didn't mention what the servos are, and the ez-robot site only says standard servos.


Likely those are just the plain old 44 oz-in servos, which really don't have enough torque for
most walkers, except maybe a small hexapod where the load is shared between 6 servos at
a time. You need servos with maybe 5X the torque for a biped.

I would go to the lynxmotion.com site and see what they are using on their walkers.


I replaced the servos that came with the EZ-Robot kit with HD servos from Polou. I thought that the EZ-Board was bad but I found out that it worked better on my newer home computer than my older computer at the program for mentally handicapped people.


I put "roller skate" wheels on the biped robot. How do I have the wheels turn in one direction only? The wheels are not connected to motors. The wheels came from Lego Technics building sets.


What do you mean by one direction only? Unless you reverse the polarity (assuming it's not PWM controlled), they should never turn the other way.


I need one-way clutch or similar device to have the wheels roll forwards only. My robot moves its legs back and forth. The wheels should lock when the legs move backwards.

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