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For my project, I need a remote control key fob like the ones used to remote start your car.  Here is an ebay link to one that looks like it would work.  Most remotes that I find are like this one where the receiver is attached to a large board with relays.  Space is an issue, and I don't need the relays.

What I would like to find:
- 2 transmitters and a receiver without relays
- 2 or more channels (don't need 4ch)
- prefer a key fob that isn't so ugly, a black one with "start" and "stop" buttons is ideal
- located in USA or somewhere with quick shipping

Does anyone know where I can find such an item for sale? Thanks.


Sparkfun has a fob that works with the nRF24L01+ radios.  Might be worth a look.



You need to decide: Do you "need" the remote to operate via radio signals... possible, but more work, hassles, to get working... or will an infra-red beam device do? Much easier to get working.


masterlift s have a really small form factor

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