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Hi there,

I've recently received my VS1003B board: http://dx.com/p/vs1003b-stm32-microcontroller-development-part-mp3-decoder-w-microphone-blue-black-221187. As soon as some spare time popped up, I wired it to my Mega board. However, it fails to work.

The wiring is as on the attached picture, where the pins are chosen as follows:
xcs 7
xdcs 6
dreq 8
reset 9
Note that the Uno is only used to power the Mega as something is wrong with the USB power.

I've tested the setup with vs1003_hello, an example from the producer itself. This results in the following Serial print:
Code: [Select]

Booting VS1003...
VS1003 still booting
VS1003 Set
VS1003 Configuration:
00 MODE = 0x7fff
01 STATUS = 0xffff
02 BASS = 0x7fff
03 CLOCKF = 0xffff
04 DECODE_TIME = 0x7ffff
05 AUDATA = 0xffff
06 WRAM = 0x7fff
07 WRAMADDR = 0xffff
08 HDAT0 = 0x7fff
09 HDAT1 = 0xffff
0a AIADDR = 0x7fff
0b VOL = 0xffff
0c AICTRL0 = 0x7fff
0d AICTRL1 = 0xffff
0e AICTRL2 = 0x7fff
0f AICTRL3 = 0xffff
VS1003 OK

Another example, one that - I believe is - on old example from Sparkfun, results in a positive state, but fails to play anything.

I was hoping that anyone could point out some possibilities for the not functioning of the board.


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