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Can anyone reccomend a graphic display that is readable in bright light conditions - preferably full sun. I am currently using Displaytech 128x64 pixel monochrome display and the GLCD library. Everything is really good except I cant read it outdoors. I have destroyed one display already by increasing current in backlight to the point where the LEDS failed.
I have heard OLED displays are better, but because they are usually colour they are very slow, I need to refresh parts of the display 3 or 4 times per second.
Grateful for any help


For monochrome OLEDs, the Arduino does not need to transfer too much data.
So 3 to 15 FPS should be possible with U8glib (depends on the display content):

EA offers displays for different environment conditions.
For bright light conditions you probabaly want a display which is readable without backlight: DOGM128L or DOGM128W.
Backlight LED is sold as an option for the DOGM128, it can be replaced if damaged  ;)
i think the trick is, not to use the backlight LED at all, but let the sun do the lightning work for you.

Both displays are supported by U8glib (http://code.google.com/p/u8glib/)




where the LEDS failed.

Should have a resistor there.

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