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You're right on the money as far as your conceptual model.  This is how UUVs guide themselves, as well as how we track tow fish for surveying.  A common commercial system is listed below. Unfortunately sonar circuits are well beyond my level of electronics, so I have never done anything with arduinos, but would love to see it done!



You biggest problem may be finding an ultrasonic transducer that is designed for underwater use, which is not the same as being waterproof. Water is very stiff compared to air, so it needs a completely different type of transducer, otherwise you get very poor coupling between the transducer and the water. Google for "underwater ultrasonic transducer" and in the UK you find two suppliers offering the Prowave 200LM450.

Once you have a suitable transducer, you will need to assemble some electronics to send a pulse to the transducer and amplify and receive the returned signal. The Prowave operates at 200KHz, so you can't use ordinary low-frequency op amps to do the amplification.
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