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I was recently thinking about a project I would like to do and realized one of the main things which I am missing is... well.. the usual. Funding.

I decided to put it on Kickstarter, with the plan that should it work, I write my thesis on this project:

Well, looks like I have a thesis :-D

If you feel like it, please check it out. Its on mediated touch, telerobotics, embodiment and social presence. (oh. and it will have arduinos :-D...)

I would really love to hear other people's thoughts and comments on it. Also, if you find it interesting and can spare a dollar, that would be appreceated to. (I am have the backing to pull it off now, but lots of it will be hacks which I would prefer avoiding, and I am also going to dig deep into my own pockets to make it happen.)

Anyway. Just felt like sharing this here.



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