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I am working on an project for controlling my Christmas lights via the Arduino.


I am new to electronics and arduino and have a very elementary question. I am trying to test the functionality of some SSRs that I've recently received (Fotek Solid State Relay SSR-25DA 25A /250V 3-32VDC).

I am trying to do a simple on/off test like the one demonstrated in this video:

Here is my set up.

1) I've cut a simple brown extention cord from Home Depot in half.
2) I've connect the neutral wires together via wire nut.
3) I've connected the "hot" wire from one half of the extention cord (plug side) to the "1" connection on the SSR. (power source)
4 I've connected the "hot" wire from the other half of the extention cord (outlet side) to the "2" connection on the SSR. (load)
5) I plug the "power source" half of the extention cord into the wall.
6) I plugged a simple "powered" usb hub into the extention outlet to see if it is powered. The test in the you tube video suggested using a 25w light bulb.

As I expected, the USB hub was not turned on. I took a 9V battery and connected the positive lead to the "3" connection on the SSR and the negative lead to the 4 connection on the SSR. The LED on the SSR lights up bright red and then fades but the USB hub that is plugged in is not turning on. When the 9v battery is connected to the SSr, I would have expected the power to be delivered to the load. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


Replace the USB hub with some other load like 25Watt bulb and check.

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