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Topic: Is there a mature and accurate way to log remote temperature to computer? (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


I am thinking a on-site arduino and temp sensor and connect to ethernet since I can have a cable from my hub to the place.



You could use labview or profilab expert to import data;process and store them in excel format for instance. Then process them further in excel if needed.
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Thanks,  software side doesn't bother me much. I just need more info on the hardware side.

Do I just need a Arduino mother border, a ethernet shield and a DHT11? do I need do some wielding? or just wire connects?

And I heard DHT11 is not stable for temperature connection, any idea in that?


i like to use a LM35 solderd to an ATtiny13, which talks via a single cable...
the LM35 needs an analog pin and is quite accurate...

that should work with an arduino and UART/Ethernet, too...


ATtiny13 is cheap, it is good if it works, could you give me more info about LM35+ATtiny13 and talks to PC?

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