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Many posts here boil down to questions about how to run functions on a schedule.  It's such a common requirement, I built it into Bitlash as the "run" command.

I've just posted a tiny library that lets you do the same thing in C from your Arduino sketch.  

The Run library does one thing: it runs functions you specify, each at a specified interval.

Here's a sample sketch that toggles pin 13 every 100ms and pin 12 every 125ms:

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#include "run.h"
void toggle13(void) {
digitalWrite(13, !digitalRead(13));
void toggle12(void) {
digitalWrite(12, !digitalRead(12));
void setup(void) {
pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
run(toggle13, 100); // call run() to run toggle13 every 100 ms

pinMode(12, OUTPUT);
run(toggle12, 125); // call run() to run toggle12 every 125 ms
void loop(void) {
runner(); // call runner() to run the function scheduler

The Run library on Github: https://github.com/billroy/run



Thanks for sharing,

Can you explain why you cast m=millis() to signed long in the runner() ?

I assume you do it to make the code overflow proof? 
Can you proof it is overflow proof? (I don't want to test for ~25 days to check :)

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