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Are you using the breakout board or the stand-alone sensor? I'm using the breakout board and there you just need to install the lib, and use the commands bmp.readAltitude(), bmp.readPressure(),...

Make sure SDA and SCL are connected to the correct arduino pins (For uno these are analog 4 and analog5).


I'm using the Sparkfun breakout board. Double checked SDA and SCL are correct way round which they are. Wondering now if the library I've got for it doesn't work properly with this board. Please can you point me to the source of the library you used? I don't recognise the .readAltitude and .readPressure commands from the library I've got....



I guess you are using this breakout board? https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9694
It's the same one like i am using, and i am using adafruits library that you can find here..


If you install the lib and open an example that comes with it, you will see the code you can use to read out pressure, altitude, ...



Yes, that's the board. I've downloaded the Adafruit library and I'll give it a go tonight. Looking at the code it's so much simpler than the library I was using before. Hopefully problem solved, will report back.


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