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Hey all,

I was wondering where i could get a decent low cost gps module from. I live in the uk so would be prefered.

I have looked on ebay and adafruit but dont really have a clue to whats good and whats not.

Id like to be able to add an external antenna not essential but would be nice if i can tuck it away neatly.

In the end id like to use it either to log bike rides or with my other project with ir sensors.

Cheers in advance


Maybe some cheap ones are $30 but I'd stay away from that price range. A decent one is around $60 USD. I have one EM-406A.I bought my smart phone for $30 USD so I could log my ride with it if I know how to program it and access its GPS.
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This - http://proto-pic.co.uk/ultimate-gps-breakout-66-channel-w-10-hz-updates-mtk3339-chipset/ - is under £30, and has external antenna support, built in data-logging, and a keep-warm battery option.


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