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Thank you Mike. That should give me an idea. I will give it a try and let you know what the results are. How much of an effect would the motors and holiday detector have on the xbee though?


It should not be too bad because the Xbee protocol repeates a package that has been corrupted.


If electrical interference turns out to be a problem, I imagine that you could electrically isolate the control electronics from the holiday detector, and put them inside a screened enclosure. I'm not totally sold on the idea of trying to make this a self-contained system, though. If I was doing this then at least the MK 1 version would have the minimum hardware needed to detect and repair flaws on something that could be pulled through the pipe manually, with hard-wired controls. Replacing the manual pull with a tube crawler and replacing the hardwired controls with remote control can come later if necessary.
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My first thought, when reading the subject line, was that the Arduino was going to detect holidays, based on decorations, I guessed. I thought it might do something different if it detected Christmas decorations vs. Halloween decorations.

I see that that is not the case. learn something new every day.

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