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I am building an ultrasonic transmitter using prowave 400fs080 .It offers 360 degree beam directivity . I have got the datasheet(     http://www.datasheetlib.com/datasheet/1154043/400fs080_pro-wave-electronics.html      ) of the transducer and it says that the maximum drive voltage is 150 vp-p for burst and the resonant frequency is 40khz. To produce such a signal ,I thought of using an opamp(741) multivibrator to produce the 40 khz square wave(Vpp - 24v) and connecting  it to a primary of step up transformer(24v -120v).Will this work and what would be the current needed to drive the transducer.I cannot find the minimum  or maximum current rating in the datasheet .how will the drive voltage and current  affect the transmission .

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