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Hey Guy´s
I am new here an have not much experience with Arduino,i2C and so on (hope that i´m on the right place if not i´m sorry;)). Elemtary knowings are existing but not much. I have make little projekts like "let some led´s blink" but not realy big things. So i want collect some experience. Now I had seen the Grove I2C touch sensor( http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_I2C_Touch_Sensor ) an want to now if i can connect it with my arduinon nano. In the description of th touchsensor are spoken from I2C but there are only 4 pins  on my arduino are 6. so i dont know whether my arduino nano can connected to the Grove-Sensor or not. In the example the Grove-Sensor board ar used as a shield for the arduino uno.
I hope you can help me ;)


there is a I2C library:

the I2C pins of the arduino nano r: pin 4 and pin 5

have fun...  :)


I have the same problem. How to connect grove GSR sensor to Arduino nano or uno directly without using grove board shield

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