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This is the results with Basic Functions example...


That's not mirrored, and your picture is upside-down.
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Tom Carpenter

Unfortunately with EPSON displays, that is the correct way up. If you have ever taken apart a 6100 phone you will find that the connector is at the top. It's beyond me why Sparkfun put the display the way up they did.

I am yet to find a way which rotates the screen 180 degrees without causing the image to muddled up.

The closest I got if I remember correctly is to call:


But it wasn't very successful, so I haven't documented it.

Tom Carpenter

I have now added the ability to rotate the screen either 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees clockwise. (as of Version 3.4).

It should be noted that doing so reduces the performance of the display in any mode other than 0degrees because the coordinates have to be remapped before being send to the screen.
The impact is mostly confined to text and drawing lines.
Filling areas such as with Clear() or Box() doesn't require remapping so is unaffected.


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