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I'm extremly new to this actually just got a Uno r3 the other day and want to play around with it. I got a smaill kit came with bread board and wires and the uno r3 and i will be getting LEDS soon, what question is is this even possible from what ive read there is a limitation as far as how many LEDs you can use with just an r3. and what i want to build was a 15 x 3 x 3 rectangle LxWxH this would be laying down long ways. Or somthing like that maybe longer if i could. but i first wanted to know if it possible with the r3 or would i need to build my own more powerful board? and additional power sources plus programming for the for the board ( which ever i may have to use) i want it to animate to music and i havent found anything yet on programming for that yet.


Ah, you'll need to head to the "LEDs and multiplexing" sub-forum and have a look/search around I think!
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