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what component should I use to create a  light barrier?
Actually, the method doesn't have to base on light, it is just the name - the task is to check if something is between the sender and the receiver?
Additionally, I'd prefer to only have to use one component each, that means to use the mere fact that most waves are reflected on objects.

Idea: Using cheap ultrasonic modules like this one, I only need one each because they use that ultrasonic is reflected on objects. Then I would set a normal distance, if it changed then something is between.

Thank you
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How large of a gap do you want between the sender and reciever?


This is about 3meters, and by the way I prefer the use of only one module that sends and receives the signal (maybe ultrasonic)
using Arduino Uno Rev 3


What is the purpose of this barrier? How likely is it that people will try to get around it without triggering it?

If you use a narrow angle ultrasonic sensor (yes, they are available in different angle ranges), and the distance it measures is less than the distance to the far wall, then something is between the sensor and the far wall.

Note that ultrasonic sensors work best with hard objects, like walls and furniture, and not so good with soft objects like people and pets.


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It should be part of a burglar alarm system. This is for a door.
It is very unlikely that people can get around.

I am thinking about this one

using Arduino Uno Rev 3

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