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Key is the arcsin function definition [-1; +1].  Print out "summa" via serial and see what you get. Than you adjust coeff. so total parameter passing to arcsin would be -1 < p < 1.
Sound wave coming "flat" to both mics, should produce summa=0, shifting left-right 'd change sign and magnitude.



Please, can you post the whole code, because it's not available anymore on the original website (all Download-Links are dead). And the author is not answering requests via email or forum account.

Thanks in advanced.



Yeah, I was sort of interested but NONE of the links work.  No videos, no BLOG.  The blog link works, but then says it can't find the requested URL - or something.

Why do people post things with music when they are prone to blocking or even complete removal by youtube?

WAS interested, but for the trouble it is causing, I shall wait and see what happens.


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Yes, the Author fixed the links to the website, but not for the downloads. The Author is still active here in the forum, but is not answering forum messages, website comments or emails.

So, the only hope is that maybe another user has that download stuff and can upload it in this forum.



I attached a sketch to first post. If there are bugs, please, report back.

Currently working on DUE version, same concept but w/o servo, visualization on android tablet, like in the last blog post
- ultrasonic 3D radar. 

Not sure, if you can watch video posted over youtube for this last project - ultrasonic radar, counters show dead activity in the last 2 weeks, probably Z-government of the world block the channel.
Keep visiting.


Published, DUE version of the sound localization project. As there is visual display, I called it Sound Camera.



Thanks. DUE version would be also good.


Hi There,

I was wondering if you have a video demonstrating your product. I have no technical experience but i'm looking for a component like this for one my product ideas so i hope you are willing to share this video.

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