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On the board is there two mcu, so you have two icsp connector

The one on the right is connected to the 328 micro, the one on the left is connected tu 8/16u2 micro.
- [Guida] IDE - http://goo.gl/ln6glr
- [Lib] ST7032i LCD I2C - http://goo.gl/GNojT6
- [Lib] PCF8574+HD44780 LCD I2C - http://goo.gl/r7CstH


While looking for pinouts for the Arduino boards I came across this site which I found to e very valuable.
It covers quite a few of the boards that I experiment with and it helped me a lot.
 here is the site for it.


Do not mind the "tripple x" in the URL, it is not a porn site and the only thing it exposes are the pins for the various boards.
Hope this helps.

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