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Do i see it right, that there are 15 PWM outputs (2-13 + 44 45 46)? several sites of the shop do say, that there are just 14.  The 15 would be important for my project.


Nantonos, Nice Work on this!

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A table of pins 1-100 on the Atmega2560 with the corresponding Arduino Mega pin number mappings would be ideal.


Hi there,

I noticed that the pdf drawing on the Arduino Product web page shows 2 crystals 16Mcs, however there's only one on the board??
Furthermore, the downloadable eagle files do not open in my Eagle: Invalid data error

I am experiencing communication probs, possibly coming from one clock source for the 2560 & 16U2, derived from 1 crystal, only.

Could you please clarify?




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