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I love your 8 x 8...

could you attach your code for that please.....that was pretty cool



That is a ridiculous price for the MAX7219. Well, the normal price is the ridiculous one...but $1.25 is unheard of. Somehow I think that can't last long.

FYI, I bought some from Ebay...10 for 4.99 $  2 weeks waiting time but oh well



Yes, still $1.25 for MAX7219 DIPs. Just ordered 12 more, $1.80 for shipping.
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I'm patient though...I can wait a few weeks because I have LED flex strips as well coming....another Nano coming as well......lots of projects.....

I'm going to shorten another enclosure down to just two matrices and make sure I get it scrolling how I would like too....

I have 1 max7219 left...10 on the way....

I'm looking into maybe getting some larger matrices too, maybe some RGB's


Aaron, glad you like my 8 x 8 displays. When I get home from work I will post the code. Good luck with your 8 x 32 enclosure, I am also working on one. The Max 7219 chips are very popular on the forum lately aren't they.

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