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Just bought an Seeeduino V2.2 (Atmega 328P) for only $13.75.
Think there will be an Seed-UNO shortly and there now clearing out there stock.


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You've been lucky! They are now listed at 22.50$ :(

The 168P version is 19.00$ and the Mega at 39.00$


I've been very lucky then, was thinking do I realy need one. But for the price I couldn't resist.


Seeeduino site does have quite some good components.  I personally never purchased anything from them because I found out that they do not seem to have a secure login (https) site... This is rather disappointing as almost all of the commercial sites I visited during the past 10 years have secure sites... sigh... :o

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I found out that they do not seem to have a secure login (https) site...

Since they use PayPal as their Payment processor, I don't personally see a need for a "secure login."  My address gets transmitted in the clear but Payment details are secure.  That's fine with me.
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Hmm... but you need to first create an account on Seeeduino, correct? And your login credential is transmitted in clear text there... well, maybe I am a just a little bit paranoid since I am currently on the tech side in financial industry...

The fact is: Seeeduino V2.2 (Atmega 328P) for only $13.75 is awesome!


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did you click on the link? fact is,  no its not, its 22.50 which is better but not OMFG buy it now!


I did, "someone" claimed something that is now not true, how is this "awesome"?

if this someone was a seed studios representative that would be called bait and switch

What I want to say is that at 13.75$ is awesome, unfortunatly it's not true anymore.


Not sure how you got it for only $13.75... Was looking Friday, and it was $22.50 (same as last weekend), and Saturday, still $22.50
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1 x Seeeduino V2.2 (Atmega 328P) (ARD128D2P)  = $13.75
Sub-Total: $13.75
Registered Air Parcel (Weight: 0.02019 KG.Delivery Time:  10-30 Days): $2.85
Total: $16.60

I didn't make this up.


Nice price, but as stated it's not present now at that price. Price aside I really like the Seeeduino design, they have several design features that differ from the Arduino standard design that I think are very useful and an overall improvement on the standard Arduino.


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