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Author Topic: liquid sky laserjet M56750fp brushless driver help needed  (Read 920 times)
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I'd like to use the polygon stepper mirror from a laserjet printer for a simple laser projector for liquid sky effects. The stepper driver is an M56750 fp with 4 inputs, lead 1 V+ 2 pin 5 accel 3 pin 6 decel and 4 ground,

the driver pdf is here

I don't have a clue how to possibly program an arduino to make it go though, any help would be much appreciated



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If you are going to use it like a liquid sky effect, you must keep in mind that you lose a lot of the light this way, unless you want it to be just as wide as the deflection on a whole turn of the mirror face.

Try connecting up power and ground the Accel. pin, then it should run at maximum speed.

// Per.

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