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You can use a different analog reference such as the internal one or the 3.3V rail (which ought both to be stable, but need calibrating.)

Hi Mark, excuse me, I'm at first approach with some concepts in Arduino. What do you mean with this sentence? What's the internal analog reference?
I know there should be a way to mesure the V of USB with an Arduino Sketch... but don't know how. And I cannot figure out what do you mean when you say that the 3.3V rail needs to be calibrated. How can I calibrate it?

Once again, thanks for your reply.



One way of calibrating it is to measure it with a meter and then use the value you measured in your calculations.
You must NEVER run an LED without a resistor or some other form of current limit. You will damage the arduino's output and the LED.

Search for the tutorial on the internal referance voltage.

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