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It looks like you are using the official WiFi Shield library, I don't think it's compatible with Xbee's WiFi.

You could try something like https://github.com/Akira-Hayasaka/XBeeWiFi_Arduino (a port of mbed library), but I have not tried it (just using my own implementation). You'd need to switch xbee into API mode for this to work.


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Did you ever get your xbee wifi working as a web client / server? I'm trying to do the same thing, but not had any success yet.


No, I haven't gotten it to work yet.  However, I have been so busy since the last time I posted I haven't even had much time to look at it.  I may look at using my Raspberry pi to do what I was hoping to do with my arduino.  Life sometimes gets in the way with doing the fun things.....

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