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This just clicked: what if I put a raspberry pi together with an arduino at a remote site? If I have dynamic IP service on the RPI or router, I can remotely log on to the RPI, upload new firmware to the arduino, and also possibly log debug information while I am away. I'm not too sure about command line firmware upload on linux, which is probably not too hard. I can find out once I have arduino in linux and enable verbose mode and then try a few times.

This pi may also serve as a means to reset arduino, if I find out how to trigger reset on command line. Any hint on how to send DTR signal?

I found this python script from themgames.net in case there is no more direct way with avrdude

Code: [Select]
#! /usr/bin/python

#    Serial Reader for ARDUINO
#    usefull when tail -f /dev/ttyXXXX doesn't work
#    Change ttyACM0 for your own tty interface

import serial
import time

# The second argument is the baudrate, change according to the baudrate you gave to your Serial.begin command
ser = serial.Serial("/dev/ttyACM0", 115200)

# To avoid communication failure due to bad timings


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