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Hello Arduino Community!

I was approached by a member of the Industrial Design faculty at Victoria University of Wellington to create some simple sensor-responsive code and circuitry to be embedded into student's lamp designs. What resulted was the SensorLights tutorial series to introduce designers into the process of prototyping, programming and soldering Arduino circuitry.

Sectioned in three parts; the first tutorial covers the breadboard prototyping process

The second introduces student to the Arduino IDE, code and sensor calibration process

The third section provides an introduction into the perfboard soldering and cleaning up of the circuitry.

I tried to keep things as simple as possible for these guys due to their little - no prior Arduino experience.

Let me know what you think!

Check out the project page for videos, graphics and code.


NB: This is my first tutorial of sorts and Arduino is not something I frequently work with so please excuse any inadvertent mistakes; the timeframe for this project was very tight.

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