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I have used an Xacto knife before to cut (scrape) the encasement enough to solder a wire to a broken leg.  After ensuring a connection, coat with a drop of fast set epoxy.


I know Ray, been there before. :)

That's why I said I shouldn't be doing things like that?


I'm not the only one! Back when any IC was quite expensive, especially when my only income was mowing lawns, I had to repair IC legs a few times.
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Hi. Can somone please post the complete code (if without the roms is will still be ok) of the serial version (from pito)?

thx, Peter


Feb 26, 2015, 09:53 pm Last Edit: Mar 01, 2015, 02:22 pm by pito
Enclosed pls find the serial version.

It works with a terminal, ie. Teraterm, 40x25 char. It is an extremely simple emulation of a video output and keyboard input, with no graphics, etc.

Worked here with Fubarino SD (pic32MX) and the newest Majenko's SDZL board (pic32MZ).

It runs the trigonometric demo in 12secs with pic32MZ @200MHz (or 5secs at 921k6 serial).

It may work with atmega1284p (yes it worked) or DUE (etc.), but you have to adjust the ram sizes in both files.

Caps Lock must be ON on your keyboard when writing Basic programs in the emulator.


@pito: thx. I can confirm, it works also with arduino due.

Code: [Select]
arduino_6502_pic_C64_OK.cpp.o: warning: definition of `RAM' overriding common
cpu1.c.o: warning: common is here

Der Sketch verwendet 33.628 Bytes (6%) des Programmspeicherplatzes. Das Maximum sind 524.288 Bytes.
Erase flash
Write 34764 bytes to flash

runs just fine.
On Mega, even with just 4096 bytes ram, 21k on variable space is missing.


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