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I developed an Amazon Echo Skill (app) that is able to send simple commands to Arduinos allowing you to pretty much voice activate anything.

My code is just the bridge between the two systems but it has so many possible applications, you can use it to make almost anything voice activated, your home theater, your kitchen, anything you design your Arduino to control. Quite simply let out your inner tony stark and build your own JARVIS.

Note: currently the system does have some limitations:
It is only able to send an unsigned long (due to the protocol I am using to send the data(NearBus), so if you know a better one(one that can send strings) that is about as simple and free I would love to know) so on the server side you have to use a switch statement to take the spoken input and translate it into a number and then the Arduino does that command number. I am investigating a way to use that single unsigned long into multiple commands but it will still be limited to numbers.

To learn more visit my website or check it out on GitHub.

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