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First, i would like to thanks maxbot for sharing his experience with mlx 90620 and arduino. It has helped me a great deal with setting up my own communication.

I have a couple of questions though:

1. when calculating ta (sensor temp) coefficients i noticed that one should first do a sign check and then divide the result and not the other way around
2. it was mentioned that max refresh rate is 0.5 to 64 Hz.The documentation states that maximum refresh rate is 512 Hz.
3. when calculating the to (object temp) i noticed that alpha_ij is declared as a constant.where is this value from?this value should be calculated for each individual pixel.
4. could you be so kind to explain the check configuration register function  (CFG_MSB & 0x40) == 0?

Thank you again and best regards,


The Grid-eye does look promising. It's in stock, and has the same field of view as the MLX990620, 60ยบ.

What it needs is a breakout board.


I've never dabbled with hardware before so I'm a bit wary of buying the parts and messing it all up

There's a document here
where they show how to hook it up to an arduino (including code) with an 8x8 LED grid to show the heat (low / med / high) but it's a bit basic - I'd prefer to change the 8x8 matrix from a simple 2 color one to an RGB to better represent temperatures.

I live in Florida and my electricity bill got up to $400 one month this summer so I'm quite motivated to put something together to see where all my air conditioned air is escaping to :)


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Hi all from Italy!,i'm just starting to build my own "cheap thermocam" and this is my first Arduino project,i come from midibox-Sid project,a PIC based synth using the famous Sid chip from the commodore 64:this was a very beautiful project in my opinion and i take this chance to thank mr. Klose for his great work!!


Anyway i'm a newbie to electronics so i need it to be made as simple as possible...please :-)

My Questions are two:

A)as i want try to use the cheap thermocam in my daily work as an hydraulic(detecting pipes and losses behind walls)i think i need to get better graphic resolution and sensibility i can,so what sensor would be better to buy:
the single pixel MLX90614ESF-DCI-000-TU;
the newest 16x4 pixel MLX90620ESF-BAB-000-TU with wide FOV;
or the same model with medium FOV MLX90620ESF-BAD-000-TU?
{i think the last one would be the best solutuion becouse I seem to have realized that smaller FOV mean better precision but at the moment it's not in stock :-( }

B)How is it possible to combine more sensors to improve resolution?

Thank you

P.S.Special thanks go to maxbot and all the guys that work to give us this very powerful object!


Hi guys,

i am also really interested in building my own cheap camera, but i cannot get any sensor here in Germany.
Is there any chance to get some? Any tips?

Thanks a lot.

Cu kami83

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