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i would like to make good picture for a distance like 1-2 meters. What is with a Lens? Do i need one?

Thx a lot.

Cu kami

Probably a bit late to answer the question but it could help others.
I can't remember where I read it but if my memory don't fool me, the MLX90620 works in the 5µm to 16µm range. At those wavelength glass is black so you can't use classical optics.


Hi all

I have been following this post for awhile and decided to try and implement the thermocam on the cheap thermocam website with the MLX90620. Using the some of the code on that site and Nathan's code I develop a Processing sketch and an associated Arduino sketch for the way I set things up. Since I borrowed so much of the code from the posts I decided to share what I have so far. Its operational but not perfect.

Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BwzZjH9KYYMDcXZEVmxUamY5ZEU&usp=sharing

Hope this helps.


Hi CyberMerln and all,

Thank you for the information. I also did some tests with the MLX90620-BAB.
I was a bit disappointed by the results but I certainly still have code/configuration/tuning issues.

One simple test that fails is to light up a candle and (manually) move the sensor around so that each of the 64 pixel picks up the heat according to the move.

I do not currently have the time to investigate more but I was wondering if such a simple test worked ok for others (and I guess so!).

BTW, I did not use the spreadsheet but the code rmie posted earlier.




thanks a lot for the answer. I am still thinking about buying the MLX90620 or the Grideye?

Cu kami



Thanks for all the information and code.  I am trying to get this working on an arduino Mega2560, but it is not communicating at all.  Do I have to change something since the SDA/SCL ports (20 & 21) are different?  I also found according to the schematic that there are 2 hardware resistors pulled to +5v on the SDA and SCL ports.  Could that be the issue?


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