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Hi, Id like to build myself a wireless camera home security system. Im familiar with Arduino so id like to use that as the micro-controller platform, although im open to anything else if it is better etc. What would you suggest I need in terms of hardware and where is the best place to purchase these items?  :smiley-mr-green:

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! I could spend months buying and trying myself but id like to get some perspective from people who have done something similar or just know the hardware really well already.

My requirements would be:

Three to four Infrared camera's - reasonably good image quality (Id need these to wirelessly transmit to a central unit/computer for storage (within 20 metres) that can then send a realtime signal to my mobile device's via cell network. GPRS?)

Thanks in advance!  :)


What role do you envisage for the Arduino?
Power switching?
Pan/tilt control?
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