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Topic: Arduino Nano can I use D0-D1 (rx-tx) as a normal output pin ? (Read 6917 times) previous topic - next topic



I'm working on a project that needs exactly 14 digital output pins, therefor the Arduino Nano seems ideal.

Now after a bit of reading, I come across a lot of issues concerning the frist two digital pins D0-D1 also being used for serial communication rx & tx.

In my project, the Arduino Nano will be constantly connected via USB to a PC. To provide power and to send serial data.

In this case, can I still use ALL 14 digital pins, including D0 and D1 as output pins, or will this cause a problem ?



You can use all 14 pins. but problem is you can't debug the code. You cant anayse.

You can use analog pins.

You can use multiplexer digital if there are switching circuits. Which reduce your pin usage.



Well, according to this thread (which I should have read first I know, my apologies) I can't use them.
Since I'm doing serial communication as well.


I'm receiving data over USB from the pc, to activate digital outputs. So I guess I'll have to find the next best (cheapest) Arduino with just enough digital IO pins.


I doubt you will get more digital IOs. next version avilable is arduino Mega.

Can you list of digital IO you are using here.


Use two of the analog pins as digital pins.
A0 to A5 are D14 to D19.
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Thanks for your help guys !

Since I haven't bought them yet, there's also the Arduino Micro option, 20 digital IO pins and the specs match what I need. Not that expensive either.


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