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Hello everybody. I just received two Microchip MCP 2510 CAN controllers, and I have about ten MCP 2551 transceivers laying around. I have found some code examples for the MCP 2515, and a library, but I can not seem to find anything on the MCP 2510, I am not sure if it will work on the MCP 2510. If anybody has any examples or could point me into the right direction to get started, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot guys, all help is greatly appreciated!


Hi there, also trying to do something similar, as a switch interface, to get a set of keypad switches onto the CAN Bus for an automotive application,

I have a power control module that will recieve CAN packets and turn on/off/pulse various outputs for body control on a motorsport vehicle.

I am writing the code for the various switch/keypad functions at the moment, and i have found some handy CAN info on the Wiki site for sending CAN packets out on the BUS, very simple to do,

Recieveing and decoding looks more difficult in their examples but i wi;ll stick with it and try to understand,

If anyone has some code or simple step by step explinations they would like to share i would be very interested to hear from them.


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