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Like I said in the title, just meaningless complaints. If you're reading, let's see what complain you have got ...

I have purchased plenty of IKEA furniture in the past so I know what quality I'm buying. Most of the IKEA furniture I bought 7 years ago are still standing. On the other hand, my recent purchases have been disappointing. They used to use a metal thing that tightens screws, the top 2 rows on the picture here:


Now it is made of plastic! This is the piece that needs to be tightened fairly hard. And a $60 3-level book shelf I bought is designed with a fried brain that it exhibits the most basic principle of parallelogram. It's just bad design, not stable. The Target book case I spent $20-$25 on didn't get this bad. I'm a good assembler and this is just unacceptable now.

Not to mention a dozen lamps I returned to Office Depot, because fried brain Mr. A designed the packaging so that the head of the lamp sticks against the tiny toggle switch inside the box. A few rough handling during shipping will damage or loosen the switch. I opened 3 boxes and found 2 toggle switches damaged.

The list goes on with lenses I bought being only nominally 50mm diameter but fall through 50mm lens holders, a data logger shield occasionally can't find the SD card (maybe some spring contact is bad) ...

What complaint have you got?


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How about, why can't you buy real drugs at a drug store?

Sorry, that's from an old George Carlin routine from his hippy-dippy weather man days.  ;)



I think it is really annoying that arduino never fixed the pin header problem. 8)
Now if I sold shields; my customers could not plug in my shields the wrong way; which reduces the amount of magic smoke and business. ]:D

Yours complaining
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Don't you find all this complaining about things that aren't going to change really irritating ;)
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