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Do you really want me to complain about you complaining about me complaining? :smiley-mr-green:

Complaining Jantje
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Why is it that only posters on the forum who apologise for their poor English have in fact very good English. The real poor posters do not stand a hope in hell of understanding the answer and are supposed when they don't.


LOL, Jantje, LOL  XD
Got me chuckling with that one 8)
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Yeah, the pin header spacing screw up. I always have to check 3 times the spacing every time I do a new shield design.

Now new screw-ups, the screw hole near the USB connector is too close to headers and essentially useless. The one next to the power barrel has a similar problem.


Don't get me started on complaining... according to my wife, that's one thing I am good at, and I haven't even become a grumpy old man yet.

It's really annoying that after 2 hours desoldering an IC from an old Nokia phone, soldering it into a protoshield, having neat thin tiny cables pass routed and soldered the shield so it looks good, writing a small test sketch for it I find out the $@#%! thing isn't working. Don't you hate that?

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