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In short the guy removes the 2 BIOS chips, then he re-flashes them using a "universal programmer".

So flash memory, can be written to and read from across all chips? eg, is access the flash on an ATTINY85 similar to how you'd read and write to a BIOS chip? (not a question, me typing to try and understand what's going on here)

Question 1. After the guy desolders the 2 BIO's chips, what's that "hand clamp thingy" which resembles a 12v car battery charger clip .
Question 2. If all you need to do is read in all the bytes from a flash dump, could you not then store it on anything providing there's enough room? - if so is there some kind of standard way of doing it?

EG - could i take an Arduino (use it as an ISP) then read/write contents to/from a BIOS flash, or anything for that matter?

Thanks :)


1. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/EEPROM-Clip-SOIC-8pin-8CON-Cable-Tacho-Universal-July-Version-/180985915874?pt=Motors_Automotive_Tools&hash=item2a2399e9e2

Found what i'm looking for :)

2. After googling, digging, and googling... It turns out you can use SPI to access a BIOS chip - i'm so tempted to go buy a heat gun and disassemble the wife's computer :D


Hide the heat gun, she might try to disassemble you too... Satellite and set top boxes are great sources for those types of chips too as well as good quality electrolytics and other unusual parts... Dish Network boxes have a neat little 27 MHz VCO as well as 2 or 3 other crystals and TONS of local 12 to 5 and 5 to 3V3 regulators... all linear but a nice detached and cabled switcher to power them all. I saw 4 or 5 memory IC's Sram and EEPROM both but not worth the trouble in an apartment to make a heater to "remove" them 'sides at my age just being able to see those ssop and tssop packages for the Sram... is more than I want to do... If I need that kind of storage, I'll buy a rampack. The EEproms are too cheap to really bother with unless it were a BIG holiday, like the week between Christmas and New Years where Nothing gets done well or right. IMO

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