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So, long story short, I have an Arduino Uno board that I can't program or communicate with using USB, the chip works and can be powered via USB with no issues - There is just no way of communicating with it.

I was wondering if it is possible to simply use something like this to program the Arduino?

A CH340 USB-TTL Converter.

And just to avoid any suggestions about fixes or questions to just use the USB connection again - This is my last effort before canning the board. I've tried every trick tip or suggestion from this forum and other places, and none have proved successful.

Thanks in advance! :)


Yes. May need to press Reset when IDE shows "compiled xxx of 32xxx bytes".
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I had the same problem, and also had the same idea. IT IS possible to program with that USB SERIAL conversor, you just have to select the COM port that is opened in the Arduino's menu Tools-Port, and as CrossRoads said press Reset when IDE shows "Uploading" (in my case).

About the connections between Arduino board and USB SERIAL conversor, I connected GND(Arduino)-GND(Conversor), Vin(Arduino)-Vout(Conversor).


In principle it will work. We use and sell those for use with Pro minis. See our wiring notes here.


In principle it will work. We use and sell those for use with Pro minis. See our wiring notes here.
I'm having problems getting it to actually work.

I have it connected as:

UNO     CH340
RX       TX
TX       RX
vin      vc

The arduino software simply says "Uploading" with the green progress bar, and then it is stuck there while nothing happens.


Normally you do swap over the RX and TX. Try unswapping them and see if that helps.

Also try a cap between reset and DTR as well as a 10K pull up on the reset side.

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