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It appears that the first column is simply a counter. It isn't really needed. (I recently went through this with my project.) It's trivial to number the data in the spreadsheet. If it goes to the first cell the row numbers should do it. 

I don't know what you are doing with the data in the spreadsheet. Maybe you need each line numbered but if you think about it you might find that you don't.


Hi Jimmy60
The counter is not what I´m going to use. Later I insert a Real Time Clock Module.
So instead of counter, I´ll use time.

Jack Christensen

Very easy to parse data in Excel. Look for "Text to Columns" in the help. Can be parsed based on delimiters or fixed columns.


Here's how I get data into Excel columns, for experiments:

  • Serial.print() what I want to see, with a convenient delimiting character between data elements.  A comma or a space usually works fine.

  • Copy and paste it into a single Excel column.

  • Data > Text to columns > Delimited > describe the delimiter

And, voila, it's in columns.  For your application, you'll just want to be sure that your delimiter isn't a character that will show up in the timestamp you add later.

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