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(I never know whether to post a "Thanks" to one of my posts that has been resolved;

Thanks are always welcome. From the answering end you are never sure if that last suggestion fixed the problem or prompted them to give up.

As to the backgrounds if you click on a name in the right hand side of a thread you are taken to the profile page. Many of us have web sites that are recorder there, often giving more information.


Hey, I'm proud of my +1 karma - leave it be!


And nope again
Do not PM me a question unless you are prepared to pay for consultancy.
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Personally,  I am so grateful ( and often ambarrased when my early questions come up in a search ) with the help I have had with my forays into programming ( sketching )? ) Arduino projects.

It is the Old Guard ( we all know who you are  -  I will name you when the Oscardunios come up again  )  that have sorted out so many of my brainfarts, sometimes with terse replies - that have put me straight.

Its not a Facebook chatgroup after all !     

Thanks for hanging on in there guys .
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