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I'm trying to connect this sensor to my Arduino MEGA 2560, following the simple example here.

The sensor is the ADXL320 as I bought it, in it self only say ADXL3xx.

The Problem is:
When I connect it to the arduino and inspect the Serial Monitor all the readings are like 250-300 interval, and always changing but not corresponding to anything.
Not corresponding to the movement I do to it.

Maybe something is missing. Or it simple dont work. I cant tell and would like to read your thoughts about this.

Cheers. :)


Well there is not a lot to go on. My first guess is hat you made some wiring mistake. It would be good to see a photo of your setup to check you have not missed anything.


@Grumpy_Mike thanks mate.

I think i did it well, you see at the example you connect directly the sensor to the arduino.

I did that and same results, tried to connect trough wires, just to make sure, and the same result. Tomorrow I will take a photo and post here.


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