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Haven't you done the math yet?

115200 baud = 115200 bits per second
= 11520 bytes per second
= 11.5 bytes per millisecond

You can't send that many characters in the 1 mS time frame, it has nothing to do with the "processing power" of the Arduino, but the baud rate.


I am sorry i did not see the last reply you posted.
Is there a way to increase the baud rate then. increase it in a way that PC can receive it?

Nick Gammon

You are getting close to the maximum. How about not sending the spaces? Even then you will be pushing it to condense your data into 11 bytes.

A more reasonable approach might be to do some calculations and send an average every second, or a delta (eg. rather than the temperature, the change in temperature).


You might have to send it as binary instead of characters. That way, for example, 0xFF saves on one character over 255.

How long do all your readings take? that might be more than a millisecond right there!

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