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I am using this inductor to build a 5V step-up board.  My circuit doesn't seem to be working.  I noticed the inductor used in sparkfun's product looks different and is bigger.  Is the type of inductor I bought suitable for my project or is there a difference between mine and sparkfun's?


Well its only rated at 7mA DC which is very small..  How much current do you want?
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The Inductors used in boost converters need to have a maximum current rating without saturating
of at least the maximum output current of the circuit X the ratio of the output volts/input volts.
An inductor that small will be saturating, and ceasing to be an inductor.
Needs to be a lot bigger.


Is the type of inductor I bought suitable for my project

Absolutely yes, if your project is about generating tiny puny current;
Absolutely no, if your project is anything else.


The Digikey search page allows you to filter inductors by saturation current. See the reply from mauried to calculate the absolute minimum saturation current rating you need, and increase it by a factor of at least 1.5, preferably more. Also check from the datasheet of the switching regulator IC that 47uH is an appropriate value for your input voltage, output voltage and output current.
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