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Apart from using characters, is it possible to make a byte in HEX to show a leading 0?. I mean i.e. from zero to 0F I need to print 00..01....etc...0F. Thank you in advance.


Yes, it would be "%02X"



Another job for sprintf().  Something like:

Code: [Select]
char buf[8];
sprintf(buf, "%04x", my_value);

Thank you guix and gardner. I fixed my issue using:

Code: [Select]
char buf[8];
sprintf(buf, "%02x", my_value);


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No problem but use an upper case X if you want values such as "0F" instead of "0f", and buf[3] is enough, don't waste precious memory :)


Code: [Select]
if (x < 16) {
  Serial.print ("0");
Serial.print (x, HEX);
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