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I don't really want to have to cut through the bottom of the water tank

Why do you think you have to cut through the bottom of the tank? You can put this thing in from the top.

Also, if the water boils and makes the float switch, it might cut the circuit to the relay controlling the boil. But could be solved with a short timer of the connection time.

I don't understand the meaning of this sentence.


Is the liquid in the tank grounded (or could it be), and can you stick metal foil around all or part of the plastic tank? If the answer to both is yes, you can make a capacitive sensor. You use the sensor as the capacitor in a CMOS 555 oscillator, and use the Arduino to measure the frequency. See http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,71628.msg536307.html#msg536307 and other posts in that thread.
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