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am using a 12 volt lead acid battery at 24 amps an hour for a power supply

Presumable this this means amp-hours (i.e. capacity) rather than amps per hour.


it is for capacity but I think it can give out a large amount of amps for a short duration and can give a constant 12 amps (on my testing) without lowering the overall 12 volts too dramatically.
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Since it seems you have ample power available I suggest you look for a much bigger motor/gearbox designed to cope with forces of this magnitude. I suspect you will find a worm drive works best. They aren't usually very efficient, but I don't think that will be a concern since you have ample power. But they let you generate very high forces very simply, and also protect the motor and transmission from shock loads. They can be designed simply enough to be a realistic DIY job if you have reasonable fabrication skills.


......... My only constraint is it has to be cheap preferably under $100.

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Have you considered hydraulic or pneumatic actuation?
(I guess that falls under "strong and good")
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