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You have lcd.printIn with an I (an eye) it's probably lcd.println with an L (actually lower case L).

I had no problems with the serialLCD.h library. It only has a print function not a println, which I don't see much need for on a 16x2 display.


I changed some variables and got a new set of errors (which i hope are better then teh old set..)

No errors are "better" than other errors. "No errors" is better than "any errors".

What part of those messages do you not understand? You seem to be trying to use a NewSoftSerial instance as though it was an LCD. You can't do that.

You can use NewSoftSerial to talk to an LCD, if it is a serial LCD, but that is going to require either that you understand what to send to the LCD to make it do stuff, OR a change to the library to make it use a software serial port, instead of the hardware serial port.

I'd suggest that you go study this page:


Once again thank you all for the help.

I've finally been able to compile the code with no errors, however it dosetn work. I'm 99.9999% sure its because i removed some .. important values...

a recurring error was
lcd.cursorTo(1,0);   for example, the numbers were different in each line this happened in,

I changed all of them to
lcd.cursor();   and it worked...
but obviously those numbers were important ( think they were for the relays).

btw thanks for the print info. replaces the i's with l's worked :)


cursor() turns the underline on. noCursor() turns it off. cursorTo() positions the cursor. The functions are not interchangeable.


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