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Way back I bought one of the Ethernet cards from Freetronics.  It is called an "Eleven" when plugged in.

Alas because of the size of the RJ45 socket, I had to buy another card for the project.

Until now, I have not really used it.

Things have changed.

My watering project is becoming closer and closer.

In the mean time I have found an "Automatic blind controller" which uses an Ethernet card.
Ok, I will use it.  It will also be handy once I get my watering system going.  Instead of buttons, etc, I will make a simple web page.

2 birds, I think is the saying.

I load the sketch, and plug in the card.

Look at the available cards, and there is no "Freetronics eleven" listed.

Device manager shows it and I have installed "their" drivers.  Both the USB one and the Freetronics eleven.inf file.


So sorry, but what is wrong?

Jonathan Oxer

When you say "look at the available cards", what do you mean? Are you referring to the list of Arduino models in Tools -> Board?

If that's the case, just select "Arduino Uno".

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