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Ok, so say I do use a big capacitor, how do I tell the Arduino....or in this case a standalone circuit....to use a different power source. Thats the bit I cant figure out.

That was a bit of a joke...

Connect the battery up via a P-channel "logic level" MOSFET with the 5V supply connected to the gate. The transistor will switch on when the 5V supply drops to zero (helped by your pull-down resistor)

You'll still need a big capacitor though - to keep the Arduino safe during the switchover...

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Ok Cheers. I can prob. figure it out from that info...well hope so :-)

Thanks, Jeremy


HI. Well I found a solution in the end that works on the breadboard at least  :D  It was suggested a couple of posts back, but I wasnt sure what to do...well I knew WHAT to do, just not how to do it.....if you get what I mean  :~


I have tested it and its working ok. I can deal with the loss over the diode because then I know I can turn my screen off and just keep the GPS going....an alomost perfect solution  :)



Just a final follow up, I have now integrated it into my circuit and it works a charm....

Thanks, Jeremy


it works a charm....

That's why good engineering is about simple and elegant solutions.

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