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Bob, thanks for your help. I'm not sure how I wasn't being forthcoming, as I did state in my first post: "I have a usb relay plug-n-play kit which allows the PC to send commands over the usb cable to turn relays on and off." Perhaps I wasn't detailed or specific enough, apologies if that's the case. Anyway, it wasn't intentional, and I appreciate the help. Those varistors look cheap and worth a try to fix the problem. I'm not sure if connecting the motor frame to neutral is a good idea since it is already connected to ground.

The resistive load I am using right now to fix the problem is a simple 5watt nightlight, so it's not too much waste in comparison to the power taken by the motor. Also, to be clear, you meant the "Zinc Oxide Varistor 150VAC 15J 1200A 7mm" one on that site, correct? Is that ok even though it's only 150VAC?

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